Droplet Trio Oil Candle Set
Droplet Trio Oil Candle Set
Droplet Trio Oil Candle Set
Droplet Trio Oil Candle Set
Glas oil light trio including, egg shaped vessel, sphere shaped vessel and flat round vessel. Uses traditional wick and paraffin wax to light.

Droplet Trio Oil Candle Set


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Product Details

Light up your living space with the Droplet Trio Oil Candle Set! These modern round-shaped oil candles add a minimalist touch to your decor while providing a warm and inviting ambiance. Set the mood with the perfect combination of beauty and function!

Each set includes 3 glass oil vessels (sphere, round, egg) and funnel for easy filling. Three different set sizes available.

OIL NOT INCLUDED, but can be purchased at your local hardware store. For optimal and safest burn, use Paraffin Lamp Oil only.  Do not substitute with any other form of oil. 

Product Specs
  • Larger Set - Vessel Dimensions Round: 5" Diameter, Sphere 6" Diameter, Egg 6" Tall
  • Medium Set - Vessel Dimensions Round: 4" Diameter, Sphere 5" Diameter, Egg 5" Tall
  • Small Set - Vessel Dimensions Round: 3" Diameter, Sphere: 2" Diameter, Egg 4" Tall
  • Colour Clear
  • Material Glass/Wick

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