Cobalt Vivid Dishcloth
Cobalt Vivid Dishcloth

Cobalt Vivid Dishcloth


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The vibrant Cobalt Vivid Dishcloth cloth brings a splash of colour and a sense of playfulness to your beloved kitchen linen. The 3D effect is created by the interlacing of the warp and the weft, which allows for greater absorbency in the bulkier parts of the dishcloth, with the strips of plain weave in between helping it to dry quickly.

Thick, robust and woven to last.

Care: Machine wash, warm iron. Tumble dry at low heat. Do not bleach.

Key Features
  • Durable
  • Hemmed finish
  • Hemmed hanging loop
  • Designed, woven and made in South Africa
Product Specs
  • General Dimensions 32"L x 22"W
  • Material 100% Cotton

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