Hauser Teak Protector

Hauser Teak Protector


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Your furniture is an investment. Use Hauser Teak Protector to maintain the original, honey brown color of your teak furniture and maintain the natural honey colour longer. You may also choose to apply our Teak Shield to help repel moisture and stains.

Teak Protector is designed to soak into the very top layers of the teak wood. This requires that the pores of the wood be open. If there is oil, debris, sealant or anything else that is covering up those wood grains, it will not fully saturate the wood and the product will just sit on top, potentially leading to flaking.

While Teak Protector is a buildable product, it is best applied in very thin layers. You should allow the teak to dry for a full 30 minutes between coats. When you are satisfied with the color tone, allow a full 24 hours of dry time before either using the furniture or applying the Teak Shield.


  • Eco-Safe ingredients
  • UV fade inhibitors
  • Easy to apply

1 Litre Bottle.

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