Preparing Your Home for the Holidays: A Clean, Cozy, and Candlelit Haven


The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and it's the ideal time to prepare your home for the festivities. As you welcome guests into your home you want it to be a warm and inviting haven. It’s time to stock up on your cleaning essentials and we’ve provided a checklist to help get you started!

Start with a Thorough Cleaning

Creating a welcoming atmosphere for your holiday gatherings begins with a thorough cleaning. A clean environment not only looks appealing but also contributes to a healthier and happier atmosphere for you and your guests. Here's a checklist to help you get started:

Dust and Vacuum: Dust can accumulate quickly, so be sure to dust all surfaces, including shelves, furniture, and light fixtures. Follow up with a thorough vacuuming of carpets and rugs.

Kitchen Deep Clean: Pay special attention to the kitchen if you'll be hosting meals. Clean appliances, countertops, and any grease or grime that may have accumulated. Use our eco-friendly cloths that leave streak free shines and minimize paper towel waste and natural, and eco-friendly cleaners that will leave your space fresh and clean. 

Freshen Up Bathrooms: Ensure the cleanliness of your bathrooms is impeccable. Thoroughly clean the toilet, sink, and either the bathtub or shower, and don't forget to replace any empty toiletry containers. It’s time to display your holiday towels, soap containers and accessories. Elevate the ambiance with the addition of a scented diffuser to introduce an extra layer of freshness.

Sweep and Mop Floors: Finish your cleaning routine with a thorough sweep and mop of the floors throughout your home.

Enhance the Atmosphere with Candles

With your home now clean and inviting, it's time to infuse it with a welcoming fragrance. Candles are a timeless and effective way to add a delightful scent to your space. Here are some tips on how to use candles to make your home smell wonderful:

Choose Festive Scents: Select holiday-scented candles that evoke the holiday spirit and complement your decor. Options range from warm vanilla and cinnamon to fresh pine and spiced apple.

Create Candle Displays: Arrange candles in decorative candle holders to create stunning displays. Group candles of different sizes and shapes for an aesthetically pleasing effect. Delight your guests with something a bit different and use an oil candle set on a beautiful tray to create a beautiful layered focal point on your coffee table.

Consider Alternatives: If safety concerns are present, or you have pets and children at home, consider using LED battery operated candles that mimic the glow of real candles without the safety risks.

Light Candles Strategically: Light your candles a little while before guests arrive to allow the aroma to disperse and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Last but not least…Be Mindful of Safety: Always place candles on heat-resistant surfaces, away from flammable objects, and never leave them unattended.

With candles adding not only a delightful aroma but also a touch of warmth and charm, your home will be a perfect backdrop for the holiday season. Their soft, flickering light creates a cozy ambiance that invites everyone to relax and enjoy the festive spirit.

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