Hauser Heritage - 75 Years

The Beginning…

We believe in living life to the fullest, outdoors….this philosophy was first established by our founder, John Hauser over 75 years ago. An Austrian trained fifth-generation blacksmith, John moved his entire family to Canada and set up business in his garage in 1949 under the name John Hauser Ironworks creating clothesline posts, custom wrought-iron railings and ornamental work. John’s passion for living and enjoying life outdoors later forged his interest in creating outdoor patio furniture.

Bedford Road, Kitchener, Ontario 

As John Hauser’s aspirations grew, so did his footprint, leading to the establishment of the first factory on Bedford Rd in Kitchener. There, a dedicated team of skilled craftsmen continued the mission, initially crafting ornate dinettes and TV tables then transitioning to custom ironwork under the Hauser brand, each piece a testament to their skill and dedication. Custom patio furniture was meticulously crafted, fostering a reputation synonymous with unparalleled quality. It's early days also had success securing contracts with Westinghouse and Electrohome to manufacture furniture parts and TV stands. These were proudly sold at Eatons and Simpsons department stores. 


The 50’s to the 80’s

Patio furniture styles from the 1950s to the 1980s reflected changing tastes and design trends. In the optimistic era of the 1950s, bold colors and playful designs prevailed, with aluminum chairs, vinyl straps, and wrought iron pieces featuring intricate scrollwork. Fun florals were used for upholstery. The 1960s began to embrace a more mod aesthetic, with brighter colours and patterns gaining popularity. The 1970s favored earthy materials like wicker and rattan. Outdoor living spaces became increasingly important, with lounging and relaxation taking priority. Hauser has embraced each decade creating collections to reflect each era. By the 1980s, patio furniture designs blended retro nostalgia with modern materials like molded plastic and tempered glass but they have stayed true to their most popular cast aluminum collections that are treasured collections still to this day being passed on from generation to generation.

The Move to 330 Weber Street North, Waterloo Ontario

In 1987, as the company flourished, the strategic decision was made to relocate to 330 Weber Street North in Waterloo, Ontario—a location proudly called home to this day. Within a year of this move, the first retail store opened on-site with a traditional brick-and-mortar retail showroom. Presently, our collections are available in Waterloo, London, Burlington, and Ottawa.

The Evolution…

As the company developed a reputation for extremely well made and crafted custom furniture so to did their reputation in the commercial space. Hauser branched off in 1997 to officially create Hauser Industries specializing in manufacturing custom specified seating direct to the end user and the architectural and design community, from large scale food courts and institutional facilities to smaller industrial installations and food service venues, Hauser continues to thrive and innovate under its third-generation leadership, spearheading continual growth and advancement.

 The 90’s to the 00’s

In the 1990s and 2000s, patio furniture experienced a resurgence of sleek sophistication. Teak collections became emblematic of outdoor luxury, with their rich, natural wood tones and timeless appeal. Upholstered powder-coated aluminum pieces emerged as a fusion of comfort and durability. Additionally, these decades witnessed the rise of minimalist designs, with clean lines dominating outdoor furniture trends. Alongside these trends, eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices began to take center stage. Overall, the 1990s and 2000s saw patio furniture styles evolve to meet the demands of contemporary living, blending comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Bringing the indoors out became the desired look for homes looking to redesign their outdoor space. 


Today, we take great pride in our evolution into a brand that seamlessly outfits and embellishes every corner of your home, indoors and out. While our origins lie in outdoor furnishings, we've expanded our focus to include interior spaces, ensuring that every aspect of your home reflects the quality synonymous with the Hauser name.

What makes Hauser?

Passion, integrity, quality, and innovation: These are the distinctive traits that define the Hauser experience when you choose our product. Three Generations of combined expertise and a team of dedicated employees ensuring your Hauser purchase exceeds your every expectation.


As we celebrate our 75th year, we at Hauser are filled with gratitude and excitement. Three-quarters of a century ago, John Hauser embarked on a journey in iron works that evolved to outdoor living experiences, and today, we stand proud as pioneers in the industry. Over the decades, we've adapted to trends, and crafted enduring pieces that have become staples in countless homes and landscapes. From classic designs that evoke nostalgia to innovative creations, our commitment to quality and craftsmanship has remained unwavering. As we celebrate this milestone, we reflect on the countless memories made around our outdoor and indoor collections—each one a testament to the enduring legacy of Hauser. Here's to 75 years of transforming your living spaces and creating moments to cherish for generations to come.


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