Premium outdoor sand coloured rug, hand made from coarse Coconut Husk Fiber with a rubber backing. Sand coloured with a smiling white Snowman.  Snowman has a black top hat, red scarf, orange carrot nose, and black tree branches as arms.  With a blue bird and red bird perched on hat.

Snowman Doormat


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Frosty’s got nothing on the bird-loving snowman featured on this delightful Snowman with Birds Doormat! Crafted out of durable coir fibre to withstand the harshest of weather conditions, this natural-coloured doormat features a smiling snowman accompanied by two colourful birds perched on his top hat to make any entranceway more fun and festive.

Product Specs
  • General Dimensions 30"L x 18"W
  • Materials Hand made from Coir (coconut husk fiber), rubber backing

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