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Kelowna Cocktail Table

  • Sku: HSWP107-WG-K

    Dimensions: 42" W x 23" L x 14" H

    Kelowna Rectangular Teak Cocktail Table in a weathered grey finish.  Some assembly required.

    Ship to home or free pickup in store

  • Our Kelowna teak has a finish applied to the teak that will fade and sometime peel with exposure to the elements. Over time the finish will gradually fade away and will expose the raw teak. The raw grade A teak will then be exposed and turn to a natural patina grey. The finish depending on the exposure to sun will last varying degrees. In a semi or covered area this could maintain itself for years. Fully exposed it will fade and expose itself much faster. The finish is meant to do this. If the item is left uncovered the weathered finish will fade away after a season or sooner. Once the finish fades, exposing the unfinished teak to the elements, the furniture will begin to acquire a silver patina typical of untreated teak. For cleaning simply use mild soap and water and damp cloth or sponge. Do not power wash



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