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71" Bar Table

  • Sku: HSLJ006

    Dimensions: 28"  W x 71" L x 41" H

    28" x 71"  Aluminum Bar Table with solid charcoal HPL top with space grey finish.

  • Terrace table is made of an aluminum structure. It requires no maintenanceand doesn't corrode. It won't leave traces of rust on your deck. HLP top is a high-pressure laminate that is highly resistance to UVs, weather abrasion from crockery, stains and scratches. It will heat less in the sun than a steel or aluminum surface of the same color. It can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth. Only the highest grade HPL is used that is made in Italy. Its colours don't fade and the laths don't warp. HPL is non-pourous to ensure that you meal surfaces remain hygienic. High pressure decorative laminates, consisting of a surface of decorative paper(s) impregnated with aminoplastic resins and a core made of layers of kraft paper impregnated with phenolic thermosetting resins. All the layers are bonded together with a simultaneous application of heat and high specific pressure to obtain a homogeneous non-porous material with increased density. Easy maintenance and cleaning, no special maintenance required. UV stain and scratch resistant.



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