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Sling (Textilene) - Fabric Care & Maintenance

Sling ChairTextilene is a mesh fabric woven of strong polyester yarns that are individually coated with PVC, specifically designed for outdoor use. This product is the best choice for sling furniture because it is elegant, strong and very durable to outdoor exposure.

Some of the most frequently asked questions about fabric are concerns about care and cleaning. The good news is that Textilene is designed for outdoor use and easy maintenance. By following a few simple care and cleaning steps, these fabrics will maintain their good looks for many years.

TEXTILENE MAINTENANCE - Follow these simple steps:

  • Brush off loose dirt
  • Hose down
  • Prepare a cleaning mixture of water and mild, natural soap (no detergents)
  • Use a soft bristle brush to clean
  • Allow soap to soak in
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Air dry.

STUBBORN STAINS - If stubborn stains persist, you can use a diluted chlorine bleach/soap mixture for spot cleaning of mildew, roof run-off and other similar stains. Prepare a special cleaning mixture:

  • Four ounces (half cup) of chlorine bleach
  • Two ounces (one-fourth cup) of natural soap (no detergents)
  • One gallon of water
  • Clean with a soft bristle brush
  • Allow mixture to soak for up to 20 minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Air dry.
  • Repeat if necessary

PREVENTION- One of the best ways to keep Textilene fabrics looking good and to delay the need for deep or vigorous cleanings is to hose the fabric off on a monthly basis with clear water. this practice will eliminate the need for more frequent vigorous cleanings. In most environments, a thorough cleaning will be needed every two to three years. These fabrics can be cleaned while still on a frame or they can be removed for cleaning.




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