When you purchase a Hauser product you are buying furniture that will stand the test of time. As with any investment it is necessary to service and take care of your product. Below are some suggestions on how to maintain your furniture.

Vinyl - Strap & Sling

Use a mild soap and water mixture along with a soft scrub brush or sponge. For more stubborn stains a specially formulated Hauser cleaner is available. Do not allow suntan lotions or oils to make contact with any of the vinyl materials. Do not use bleach or harsh detergents. Covered or indoor protected storage is recommended. Click here for more details about sling maintenance.

Cast Aluminum

A soft cloth and mild soap and water can be used to clean the frames. A spray on car wax can be applied to the clean frames to restore some of the luster in the finish. Do not use a power washer. If a scratch appears touch up powder can be ordered from your local Hauser store. It is simply mixed and applied with a small soft brush or sponge to the affected area. Protected storage is recommended.

Hauser Weave

It is necessary to regularly vacuum and hose down your woven furniture to remove debris that may cause staining. Use a mild soap and water. Indoor storage recommended.


Hauser sells a complete teak protection kit. A protective coating can be applied at the time of purchase and maintained regularly. If you prefer to allow the teak to weather to its natural grey minimal maintenance is required.

Acrylic Fabric

Hauser acrylic fabrics can be cleaned by using a mild detergent and soft brush. Do not use aggressive brushing action. In the case of stubborn stains and mildew a Hauser cleaner is available. Cushions will dry much faster if they are tilted onto their side. Prior to storage allow the cushions to completely dry before placing them into breathable bags.


Download the Sunbrella stain chart to learn more.




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