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Gloster Loop Ottoman

  • Sku: HSGL9840

    Dimensions: 35" W x 28.5" D x 10.5" H

    Special Order In Item

    Loop Teak Ottoman with sling back/seat and cushion.
    See in store for select fabrics.

  • Bringing relaxed, inside comfort outdoors, Gloster created the Loop lounge collection designed by Hendrik Pederson. Laced with Scandinavian influence, Loop uses wide, bold, partially elasticated outdoor webbing straps in three colorways (charcoal, cadet and pebble) in conjunction with natural teak to show off the diverse use of materials on a solid teak frame. The teak framing is flat and wide, mirroring the straps, which provide a strong foundation and comfortable place to rest your arms. Contrary to popular belief, teak furniture does not require any special maintenance routine or any additional protection apart from occasional cleaning. Left to age naturally outside, teak will gradually change to a soft, silver-grey as the pigments in the surface layer of the wood begin to fade away. We recommend that you allow your teak furniture to weather naturally this way and simply clean thoroughly once or twice a year with our Teak Cleaner. Teak furniture may also benefit from an occasional light sanding to remove any raised grain and restore a smooth finish to the surface. Under no circumstances should a power washer be used to clean teak furniture as this will erode the surface. Because teak is a naturally oily wood, it is not possible to paint or varnish. Any paint or varnish applied will not adhere properly to the surface and after a short while will start to peel off. If you wish to retain the golden-brown colour of new teak we also offer a Teak Sealer. Application of Teak Sealer will not affect the strength or longevity of the furniture in any way, just its appearance. If you elect to use Teak Sealer you will be embarking on a regular maintenance programme as Teak Sealer needs to be regularly re-applied to provide continuous protection. If you intend to store your furniture over the winter, we recommend that you do so in a water-tight garden shed or garage. However, we advise that you do not move teak furniture from the garden straight into a heated indoor room for storage, as the sharp differences in temperature and humidity may cause the wood to split. To protect teak surfaces from staining and to help maintain the silver-grey patina on weathered teak, we recommend using our Teak Protector. Our Teak Protector creates an almost invisible shield which helps to prevent food (coffee, ketchup, red wine, olive oil, etc.) penetrating into the teak and causing unsightly stains. Teak Protector also helps protects the wood against the ingress of moisture, the adhesion of dirt and prevents mildew growth. Gloster outdoor straps are constructed from either 100% acrylic or polypropylene, stabilised to minimise the effect of UV light and is resistant to both mould and mildew. To keep cushions and frames clean we recommend using our patio furniture covers when furniture is not in use.



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