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Industrial Renaissance Console Table

  • Sku: HSLN920767

    Dimensions: 52" L x 24" D x 30" H

    Floor models while supplies last.

  • The aged-rustic-rough-hewn antiques found in old industrial boom towns of now abandoned factories have sparked a renewed interest in the functional-utilitarian furniture designs found inside. These tables make great accents to both traditional and contemporary furniture styles and create a pleasing juxtaposition in an eclectic setting. - Bases are cast aluminum built in four sections to create the look - Bases have adjustable glides - Occasional tops “lay-on” – come to the edge of the top of the base (but are secured with bolts) - Tops are “bull nose” - Dining table tops are “lay over” - obviously to provide leg room underneath - Dining table tops are “reverse chamfer” cut from top to the bottom - Finishing steps: Acid bath to remove all contaminants (fingerprints, oil, dirt) ensures finish adheres properly Solid color base coat – primer Finish has texture you can see and feel Brown glaze to provide depth Clear coat seals and protects ** please know that this finish can still be scratched with knives, keys etc) – it’s similar to a car finish Cleaning: - Mild soap and water NO POWER WASHERS

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