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      • Queen Elizabeth II, Pope John Paul, and numerous Canadian diplomats have shopped at Hauser
      • Hauser Contract furniture is found in Disney World, Orlando, Florida and Vaughan Mills Shopping Center

Wow, we have had quite the journey over the past 68 years! Many of you probably remember our products in your parents’ home … I guess that makes us old. Here is a glimpse into our story:

Our Story


John Hauser was an Austrian-trained fifth-generation blacksmith who moved his whole family to Canada in order to escape the war in Germany and seek opportunity. In 1949, shortly after settling, he started an ornamental ironwork business named John Hauser Ironworks. He began making iron railings, stairways, and interior balconies in a 30-by-25 foot shop on Bedford Road, Kitchener. His family assisted him in creating the ornamental wrought-iron fixtures.













In the 50’s televisions became common in the North American home. John capitalized on this opportunity and landed a North American wide contract to produce iron television stands. John decided to switch production to wrought-iron furniture as it gained popularity in North America. This transition made sense for John since he and his family had a passion for living and enjoying life outdoors.




Hauser products were in over 200 retailers across Canada! Some specific retailers you might remember buying Hauser products from are Eaton’s, Simpsons, and the Hudson Bay Company.


In the 70’s a big feature that was added to the casual aluminum furniture was vinyl strapping and umbrellas. The iconic Bamboo Collection was very popular in this era. Hauser was also well-known for their high quality dinette furniture.


In 1988 Hauser decided that family-controlled company stores would be beneficial since it would allow them to gain more insight into their customer’s tastes and preferences. The first Hauser retail store location opened in Waterloo, Ontario. This was the beginning to Hauser’s chain of company owned furniture stores that eventually stretched from Montreal to Windsor.




Hauser continued to grow with their company owned stores throughout this decade and grew to become a leader in providing full seating solutions to shopping centers and public spaces. Hauser Contract focused on manufacturing custom specified seating environments direct to the end user and for the architectural and design community.

2000’s +

The third-generation of the Hauser family is running the company now. Although much has changed over the past few decades, our quality, design, and value have always remained at the core of our company.

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