December 12, 2018

With fall and winter upon us, it leaves many of us wondering where and how to store our outdoor furniture. With cold winters in Canada, finding ways to keep your furniture protected for the next season might seem like a next to impossible task. Look no further, we have you covered! We have tips on how to go about storage for this fall and winter season to keep your furniture looking as good as new for the upcoming seasons! Everyone wants to protect their investment!

The Resilient Cover

Although our winters here can be difficult, some furniture such as cast aluminum, stainless steel as well as teak can be left outside with the natural elements because of their ability to withstand the weather. That being said, the key component for keeping your patio furniture protected this fall and winter season is the use of a furniture cover. Hauser Company stores offers a wide variety of covers to suit all your furniture needs. From outdoor chaises to umbrellas to stacks of chairs or bar stools, we have a great selection of sizes. Our many dimensions allow for a tailored, unique fit for any type of outdoor furniture you may have! Our covers are durable, resilient and water resistant. Our furniture covers are made up of rhinoweave, which is available in a neutral champagne colour. This rhinoweave material has the ability to be washed with gentle soap and water to keep it clean.It is also breathable; to make sure mildew stays away! This water resistant material is amazing for all types of weather that will come our way this year and due to its rugged nature, it is able to withstand our unpredictable weather we have here in Canada. Although these covers are useful in the colder months, they can be used year-round to provide that protection we all need. With a spring clinch lock or elastic ties, these covers stay snug and are covered from the wind. Our furniture covers protect from any elements that the colder fall and winter months may bring, such as leaves falling, rain, dirt/debris and so much more. Not to mention, these covers shield cushions from water to ensure they remain exactly the way they were. Keep in mind, the indoor storage of cushions is highly recommended in the winter months. Uninvited critters will gravitate to cushions when looking for hibernation and food. With our endless selection of styles for any of your furniture needs, there is sure to be something for all! Outdoor furniture covers are an amazing investment to preserve and support your outdoor furnishings at all costs. Check our furniture covers out online or in any of our stores!

Clean Before Covering

Before covering furniture, make sure to clean it before the fall and winter weather arrive. Especially be careful to clean if you live in climates that are wet with usual snowfall as snow can sway the growth of mildew or mold on outdoor furniture. For any of your wicker furniture, warm water and a gentle detergent can be used to remove dirt and debris that may be inside the wicker. The water should then be shaken out to ensure it is fully dry before a cover is put on it or it is out into storage. Look at website Jardin de Ville for outdoor storage for more ideas! 

Raise Furniture

If storing furniture that is aluminum is not able to be done inside, do not worry, we can help! Legs of the furniture can be lifted up and a piece of wood can be lodged underneath the legs for protection from the elements. Aluminum furniture usually contains small holes to allow for the water to runoff, so water damage should not be an issue. Another tip is to not place the furniture upside down because the water will not be able to runoff. A cover can be put overtop of your aluminum furniture and there you go; all set for the cold months!


Teak is your new best friend! It can remain outside during the cold months as it does not require extensive care or maintenance. If it is covered, there is the possibility that mold can grow outside. So leave it outside to weather naturally due to air, wind, light and natural elements!

Table tops- Glass and Ceramic

Table tops made that are glass and ceramic are recommended to be brought inside during the cold winter months. With the unpredictability that winter entails, there is the risk of branches, ice and snow falling on glass/ceramic table tops, causing them to break or become damaged. A smart idea for storing these types of table tops is to rest them up against a flat surface, such as a wall in your garage or storage place that is convenient for you. However if indoor storage in not available, ceramic can be left outside, however you do not want snow piling up on top. A smart location away from snow banks can be chosen accordingly.

Now you are all set for the season approaching! Following through with these various ideas on how to store your outdoor furniture and keep it protected during these cold months will ensure it is ready to go for next year’s patio season! I hope these ideas prove to be informative and make sure to stop by our website or any of our store locations to purchase furniture covers or outdoor cleaners!



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